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Mainly We have five System in our company


myschool is an online platform created by ourselves dedicated to education. Its main purpose is to get everything the learners need in one place.

For example, if you want to get information related to a subject matter, you can visit our website to view the relevant articles.
Similarly, you can visit our website and answer the MCQ papers related to the exams and do a self study at the same time.

The website also provides space for courses. If a student wants to attend a course related to a subject or a teacher wants to teach students online through our website, the necessary facilities are also provided.

Institute Management System

Edume IMS, a comprehensive Institute management system customizable for any scale of educational institutes. Multiple integrated modules allow the administrators of the institute to manage all the aspects of the business from academic to administration.

We provide a student ID card which includes designing layouts, logos and student photograph as per your preference. ID cards are equipped with NFC (13.56 MHz), and barcode code tracking which enables your staff to easily at the counter or with a mobile phone

Vehicle Managment System

VIMS is a comprehensive Vehicle Management System customizable for any scale of buying and selling shops. it includes an inventory section to sell spare parts items. Multiple integrated modules allow the shop administrators to manage all the aspects of the business from academic to administration.

We assign a unique serial number to each vehicle and parts in our system. All the serial numbers can be printed out and given to the relevant vehicle or spare part and easily read by a barcode reader.

Inventry Management System

An INV is an inventory management system (or inventory system) is the process by which you track your goods throughout your entire supply chain, from purchasing to production to end sales. The web-based platform can be scalable and accessable anywhere

With our system clients can add Items, Categories, Sub-categories, Suppliers and Stocks. And also they can make sales with printed invoices.

Restaurant management system

Hotmiris RMS is a comprehensive restaurant management system which covers all aspects in running restaurant business. The web-based platform can be scalable to manage any level of fast- food selling business with the most user-friendly interfaces for management as well as customers.

This can be easily customized/white-abled and deployed to manage multiple restaurants.


Our Technoloy

We use the latest and advanced technologies to ensure safety, convenience and efficiency